Welcome to Go Capture

Go Capture is a smart data and analytics company operating in the largest and fastest growing digital market the world is ever likely to see.

We are a technology driven business growing into China’s largest ‘go to’ data insight platform, able to answer the big strategic business questions – about ‘entering’, ‘dominating’ or ‘investing in’ the largest online market in the China market.

Our heritage comes from designing and implementing (award winning) CRM/loyalty programs for some of the world’s leading brands – a few run globally or are multi-country programs – providing insight across millions of profiles daily. From this background, we have developed our unique data know-how and technical tool-set and in addition applied it to ‘big data’ insight and communications. Installing and running our own technology.

In China we have established utility partnerships across the country – it’s a winning combination, which enable us to answer many of the ‘big business questions’ posed by brands, supports critical understanding of a market place, as well as supporting planning and buying strategies and decision making across on-line/mobile platforms.